I love you like nothing
Anywhere else on this earth
You make my heart sing
New worlds into birth
You complement me
Like the sun to the moon
But I cannot see
Any hope for me soon.

You worry for me
You cannot give
All of yourself
And so I live
Far from my health
You tell me to go
Move on you are wrong
For me and I know
But I cannot go on.

I cannot move on
There’s no hope and I know it
One choice I have only
To become a poet.
That or the darkness
The knife and the night
Cruel ends to a sadness
That makes a burden of life
I love you and I cannot
Walk away
My heart leads the carrot
Unto my grave.

Perhaps you are the siren
Of my doom and I’m sunk?
My heart is on fire
I’m all out of luck.
A rock and a hard place
Between these I’m stuck
A godless waster
Of poor such poor luck.
To find all that I need
And have all that I want
But no chance that I may feed
From this heaven’s sweet fount.

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