Every wound you make in me
Every scar and burn
Opens up for God to see
And the miner in me learns.

I shall put my leaden love
That once was stitched to thee
And deposit it with God above
That I shall now be free
To love you not as businessmen
With their weights and scales
But as the angels free from sin
Serve humbly without fail

My peace I’ll find in God above
My rock and my redeemer
And rest my heart in Eden’s grove
That I may love the clearer

Left right left right
Battered not yet broken
Holey as a sieve the light
Can find its way well open
It’s the cracks that let the light in
With blessed battered hearts
Never doomed to mend
An end is just a start.

In a word do what you will
And know that I’ll be here
You shadow with all my light I’ll fill
That you need never fear
For that’s the way with God I know
And as above so thus below

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