One whole year now since we went
Down to the reeds that night
My spell was broken
`My heart reopened
An end was brought on my plight

One whole year now since that chat
Down by the reeds that night
We spoke of this
We spoke of that
My heart reborn with a blossom and laugh

One whole year now since the start
Neath that starlit night
As dark as coal
We walked through the dark
And in that black a spark took hold
We both fell neath the golden throne
Stung by Cupid’s groans
Falling in fits
Blind as a bat
I listened with all my spiralling soul

The thoughts that passed into my mind
As we both spoke that night
To fall so blind
Stars in my eyes
A hopeless flight, impossible arms

One whole year now since you said
Down by the swings
While all in bed
Little nice things
My ego fed
Crushes intellectual
As I am lulled
By my instinctual
Voices which hummed
Sweet tortured tunes
Of this beautiful dancer
Forbidden Fruit
Impossible answers

My mind went round now could it be
That this possessed
Could be thus lucky
To feel such grace
From heaven on high
And fall in charms
Of rhythmic tides.
I sigh.
This cannot be.
She has her life
And I am but a me
I’ll continue on my little road
And wait for the day
When my poor soul
Can meet the goddess
Of love and limerence
And deliver me blessed
Into such deliverance

One whole year now since we went
Down to the reeds that night
Time heaven spent
Down dark steps
I took your hand
And divinity’s plans
Changed me forever
Seized with love’s tremour

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