The Woman I love
Is the queen of them all
Neath her light my soul pales
Spellbound I’m enthralled
In search of the grail
I remember our days down by the reeds
Sweet words left unspoken, deeds left undone
Yet all was perfection like naught neath the sun
You are considerate though you cannot resist
You lie down behind me as my pen wroughts to’ve writ
                                                     I am swooning entirely

It’s all I can do not to turn in a fit
And fall on you in a bundle of kiss
                                            Or hugs
Or some other close miss
Aught to be so close
Even once is my bliss
Now she may be free and I may be me
Our days may be numbered as m’luck ducks a slumber
But I am the richer than the dragons in gold
For mine is free to go and make more
For she is the sun to shine among men
And I am the blessed to have had even one inch

I can die happy the rest I don’t need
I am the blessed and she is my queen
So thanks to the Angels for ye’re noble spines
For brav’ry enough to let this mortal recline
In her light to bask and rest neath her shade
Though ends become dooms foreshadows his fade

She is the queen it shall be seen
By time like the ripples on divinity’s heart
Here is the angel here is the start
I’m sad I’ll not lie but I know it’ll pass
And all revealed that in her gods dance.

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