Tears did fall as I turned the page
A new year since birth a new turn of age
Why does this bring sadness what makes me so weary
One more notch need not be so teary

I guess I reflect on one year ago
The magic of travelling of falling in love
In a sunny place with dreams and visions
Friends all around sweet love in collision

Now I am alone in a cage of my creation
A heart that is stoned by its own frustration
And yet I am happy more fulfilled than ever
Not enough not today unexplainable weather

The storms that pass over hearts over souls
I feel friends reach out I know I’ll be whole
I know I am fine and this just a time
Wait for the signs, wait for the rhyme

Magic is subject to ebb and to flow
In between we subjects keep faith in unknown

Twenty four years I have known many fears
I am blessed in my time with joy and my prime
This is no ending it is the beginning
The waves have been bending in ways I’ve been winging

I accept this bread that passes my lips
With gratitude that the sour emphasises the sweet

And that is the story of life
In the end
A taste of foul strife
With joy is blent.

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