Resolution has threatened spared from a break
Still I feel empty still my heart shakes.
She is not mine I have no agent
I seem to be broken. The actor on stage

Seems to be the Fool seems to be duped
To the eyes of the audience or is this a coup
One more set, one more stage
Hide from our eyes, great stories at play
Of heroes of courage

Behind it all and beneath it too
The rise and the fall now what is the truth?
Right now we are thwarted we cannot be
But when I look I look and I see

In the pools, in the water, on the blood-stained altar
What sacrifice I’d not make, what terrors I’d not alter
My treasure is found, my heart it is bound
I love her still so far from my fill

Nor even near, infinity stand clear
Let a moment of now with her in my arms
Fill ten thousand years
Of a wait for her charms

Let me use that time, to learn best the skill
Of savouring one moment to eternities fill
With just that one second when I look in her eyes
And I see once again her heart it is mine

She is my queen and so I will wait
For ten thousand years if such is my fate
In trust in hope, in honour of soul
I bow low before tests trials and woe

With she at the end what will I not meet
What terror what dredge for she is my queen
Unto the end till death my life part
My loyalty I pledge with all of my heart